Using Custom T-Shirts to Market Your Business

In an increasingly commoditized market, marketers have to resort to spending greater sums of money not to mention offer better creativity to ensure that their products or services catch the eye of prospective customers. Unfortunately almost every advertiser is already on the media bandwagon, be it the television, radio, internet or billboards. People are flooded with mails in their inbox, and mobile phones from companies that want to sell their products and services. In such an age of information overload, custom t-shirts are a novel and cheap way to create an impact about your product in the consumer’s mind. This article talks about the ways to do this using branded clothing.

Cost Savings Per Message

Traditional mass media like radio, television, newspapers and magazines work out extremely expensive per OTS or “opportunity to see”. Direct marketing is customized and expensive to produce. Also, online advertising or tele-calling are not the cheapest ways to communicate one’s message. Given that marketing budgets are being cut down and more pressure is being placed on measurable results, marketing people need a cheaper and more effective way to reach their audience. Custom t-shirts can help here. They cost very little to produce and are a great advertisement for your company for as long as they are wearable.

Ways Of Using Custom Printed Shirts

While these custom t-shirts can be given to employees, customers, partners and even vendors as gifts, they also make great prizes for contests that you might run in events, business meetings, and dealer meets. Having a standard uniform with a logo for your event managers helps in advertising as well as gives people a sense of belonging to their companies. Customers who wear your t-shirts act as endorsers for your brand and given that they have no stake, a very credible advertising platform.

Things To Keep In Mind

When you make your own shirts, it is important to remember that any custom t-shirts that carry your company logo or mission statement are representative of company values. Things like cloth quality, color, cut and design will speak volumes about the company. If, you are not confident of manufacturing them yourself and don’t know any good t-shirt printers, you could consider outsourcing the job to a reputed t-shirt manufacturer brand who can produce the custom t-shirts for you.

In summary, custom t-shirts are a great and easy way to make your brand popular. It is important to keep the design trendy or classic to ensure that the image it projects is congruent with your own picture. Keeping a ready stock of these t-shirts is very useful for any event. They can also be used as a uniform for temporary employees, giveaways at contests or just keepsakes to remind you of specific company milestones. It is best not to have too many messages on the t-shirt. Different t-shirts can be produced for different events. Everybody loves free clothes if they are of good quality and they will be happy to advertise your brand by wearing it.
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