How Desert Safari Dubai Rates are Pocket Friendly!

Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most attractive tours that you can have when you visit Dubai these vacations. Well, as everything varies whether in quality or quantity with the money, Desert Safari tours also vary. This is why it’s a little hard to go for the right deal that suits your financial limit. In this article, we will help you out in choosing the best deal in your desired amount that offers maximum amount of adventure and entertainment. The rates that we will introduce you to might vary from one Tour Company to another one. But, these are the Best Selling Desert Safari Dubai Rates that you can find pocket friendly.

Firstly, let’s introduce you to the Desert Safari Dubai:

Desert Safari Dubai is your one best way to explore the land of Desert and get in touch with raw side of the desert. It is an excellent opportunity to know about the nature of desert as the wildlife and flora are so attractive and unique in the desert of Dubai. You must be thinking what are the rates for? Well, Desert Safari Dubai Rates are the basically the rates of all the fun activities that are done under professional guides and let you explore the desert in the better way. This tour contains a wide range of adventurous activities with a splash of entertainment in them.

Desert Safari Dubai Rates with Different Deals:

  1. Red Dune Desert Safari with BBQ and Sand Boarding:

The first Desert Safari Deal’s Rate starts from US 60$. This is the range in which you can comfortably find this deal. This deal is a combo of food and different entertaining activities. Sand Boarding is one of the adventurous activities that you get to do. Refreshments are available whenever you feel low. A good steal!

  • Red Dunes by Quad Bike and Camel Riding and BBQ:

The second deal offers you a full doze of adventure and thrill. You can ride the sand dunes of Dubai in your own Quad Bike like a Pro. For Guide and help professionals are available. Then for the sake of calmness and a soothing experience, you have camel riding in this deal. The fun bundle ends with BBQ dinner. This exquisite deals’ Desert Safari Dubai Rate starts from US 95$ and brings unfolds many memorable moments for you.

  • Sunset Camel Trek and Dinner:

This deal is perfect for you if you love calm and mesmerizing environments. The Sunset Camel Trek comes with beautiful worth watching sceneries.  It gives you the true aroma of Arab and many precious moments to capture in your camera. After the beautiful camera ride, you can enjoy a delicious Arabic cuisine dinner that will give a ravishing end to your day. This deals Desert Safari Dubai Rate starts from US80$. It may vary with activities and rates from site to site but this is the most basic and ideal rate with activities you can get.

So, these were the 3 best selling Desert Safari Dubai Deals Rates for you. Hopefully, they will prove useful to you. Enjoy your vacations with these pocket friendly Desert Safari Dubai Rates. Visit for your best local tours in dubai.

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